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Increasingly, leadership is considered to account for the difference between project success and failure in many instances. It includes being a good team leader, of course, but also a role model, an influencer with stakeholders, an entrepreneur, a cheerleader and project change agent. Leadership requires superior soft skills in communications, inspiration, conflict management, influence and organizational change management, among others. It is built on a foundation of ethics and integrity. It depends on insight into the organizational strategy, structure and culture. All of this and more is covered in this textbook, which has been developed for use in universities, colleges, firms and professional associations.

Project management is a combination of art and science, leadership and management. Various textbooks cover well the science part or the ‘hard skills’ side of project management – the methodologies, tools, templates and techniques for planning and running projects. This textbook focuses, uniquely, on the art and leadership aspects – working with people, teams and organizations to achieve project success. This represents the ‘soft skills’ side of project management.

This textbook is designed to make you a stronger, more effective project leader. It includes activities, organization snapshots, tools, project leader perspectives, review questions and other resources at the end of each chapter to help you understand, practice and apply the concepts and approaches presented.

It is now the required text in a variety of leading undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education programs in project management, engineering leadership, business and supply chain management.


The text has been used successfully in classroom, online and hybrid teaching settings.

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We are gratified by the response to our textbook and are pleased to announce the availability of the second edition. Featuring new content. Colour illustrations. Updated and consistent with PMBOK 5th Edition.

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